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Below, you’ll find adverse and other patient safety events grouped into categories. Click on the most relevant category to see agency-by-agency descriptions of events that must be reported.

Note that safety-related reporting requirements imposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), MassHealth, or accrediting organizations are not included in the information provided here. Click here to learn more about what is and is not included in the Navigator.

Helpful Resource: Click here for AHRQ's Toolkit to Improve Safety in Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Adverse Event Categories

Event Type Description
Abuse or Neglect Suspected patient abuse, neglect, mistreatment or misappropriation of property
Blood Collection, administration, storage, handling, etc. of blood products
Criminal Suspected/potential criminal activity (e.g. sexual assault, impersonation)
Device, Drug or Biologic Defects, contamination, etc. of drug, biologic, device or similar product; errors in medication administration
Environmental Gas mishaps, burns, electric shocks, restraints, metallic objects in MRI areas
Facility Emergency Fires, labor actions, evacuations, etc.
Fall Injuries associated with falls
Infection Healthcare-associated and other infections
Obstetrical / Reproductive Labor/delivery, artificial insemination, maternal deaths
Patient Protection Failure to supervise, care for, or safely discharge a patient (e.g. elopement, suicide)
Pressure Ulcer Certain serious pressure ulcers
Surgical or Invasive Procedure Wrong patient, wrong site, wrong procedure, foreign object retention, etc.
Test Results Failure to follow up with test results
Other Choose this category if your event does not appear to fit elsewhere.

Other Safety Reporting

Event Type Description
Automated Data Collection Quality indicators for care reimbursement and research
CMS and MassHealth Broad overview and links to resources related to conditions of coverage and participation in these programs
Communicable Disease or Unusual Illness Communicable disease, unusual illness, or other health condition of public concern
Disciplinary Action Taken Against a Physician Professional review action, clinical privilege suspension, or other disciplinary action taken by a facility against a physician
Drug Diversion Loss or theft of controlled substances
Influenza Vaccination Rate Vaccination against influenza by health care personnel at your facility
Physician Misconduct Fraudulent practice of medicine, prescription violations, gross negligence, sexual misconduct or other misconduct by a licensed physician