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In addition to reporting adverse events on behalf of their facilities, many health care professionals are required by the state, federal government, or their licensing board to personally report certain events that could impact the safety of patients. Click on the most relevant category to see descriptions of events that must be reported.

Other Safety Reporting

Event Type Description
Drug Diversion Loss or theft of controlled substances

Patient Safety Related Reporting

Event Type Description
Abuse or Neglect Suspected abuse, neglect, or mistreatment of a patient or resident
Adverse Event An unexpected patient death or certain other events that must be reported to licensing boards
Communicable Disease or Unusual Illness Communicable disease, unusual illness, or other health condition of public concern
Disciplinary Action A disciplinary action taken against you by a health care facility or licensing board requiring a self-report
Drug Diversion Loss or theft of controlled substances
Medicolegal Death Suspicious, unexpected, or violent deaths for investigation by a medical examiner
Peer Report Negligent behavior or misconduct by a peer