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Dialysis Center

As a dialysis center, you may be required to report certain adverse events that affected patients in your care. Click the relevant category below to see more detailed descriptions of these events. Use this page only if you provide dialysis services in a freestanding center. Hospital-based dialysis centers will have broader reporting responsibilities; they can be accessed through the Hospital section.

Other reporting requirements that may be imposed by CMS, MassHealth, or accrediting organizations are not included in the information provided here. Click here to learn more about what is and is not included in the Navigator.

Adverse Event Categories

Event Type Description
Blood Collection, administration, storage, handling, etc. of blood products
Device Medical device failure, malfunction, mislabeling, user error, etc.

Other Safety Reporting

Event Type Description
Automated Data Collection Quality indicators for care reimbursement and research
CMS Brief overview and links to resources related to CMS safety and quality reporting for dialysis centers
Drug Diversion Loss or theft of controlled substances
Influenza Vaccination Rate Vaccination against influenza by health care personnel at your facility