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Exit checklist

Before you leave the site, ask yourself:

1. Have I checked every applicable section in the tool? This is particularly relevant if the event you came here to learn how to report is complex, such as an incident involving patient abuse or provider misconduct. See multifaceted events for additional help.

2. Are there any other organizations that require me to report this event? Examples could include an accrediting or professional society, an insurance company, or CMS.

3. Have I followed my facility or program’s internal reporting requirements? If the event relates to clinical research, have I reported the event in accordance with the protocol?

Remember that this site/tool/navigator aggregates key patient safety event reporting requirements relevant to most Massachusetts health care providers. The event you wish to report may involve specific circumstances not contemplated here, and the site/tool/navigator may not identify all reporting obligations. Read more about the limitations of the information presented on this site.