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Reportable Incidents - BSAS

Below are detailed descriptions of reportable adverse events, grouped by state or federal agency. Answer the question that appears beneath EACH description. When you're finished, click View Reporting Instructions to move to the next page.

Important: This section only covers reporting obligations to BSAS that are specific to substance abuse programs and does not cover any other reporting requirements your facility or program may have.

DPH, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services

Serious Incident

Report any of the following:

  • Death of any person admitted to the program at the time, regardless of where the death occurred.
  • Serious injury which occurred under program auspices, regardless of location.
  • A fire or other event resulting in damage to the program.
  • An incident of alleged abuse or neglect or physical/sexual assault which occurred:
    1. Among clients at the program, or
    2. Between/among clients and staff regardless of location
  • A condition at the program that causes the health, safety or well-being of clients to be in imminent danger, or which poses a threat to the health or safety of clients or staff (including conditions which limit access, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, loss of essential services such as heat, hot water and electricity, etc.)
  • A confirmed case in a staff member or client of a reportable communicable disease.
  • An allegation or incident involving the health or safety of clients that took place at the program or under circumstances connected with the program.

Incidents of abuse, neglect or assault that you have reported to another agency or to law enforcement should also be reported to BSAS.

Reference: 105 CMR §§ 164.035 (D), (G), (H), & (I), 164.061

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DPH, Bureau of Substance Abuse Services / Food & Drug Adminstration

Adverse Reaction to Opioid Agonist

Any adverse physical or psychological reaction to an opioid agonist medication.

Reference: 105 CMR §164.305

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