Long-Term Care Facility

Below are detailed descriptions of reportable adverse events, grouped by state or federal agency. Answer the question that appears beneath EACH description. When you're finished, click View Reporting Instructions to move to the next page.

Department of Public Health

Serious Incident

DPH requires you to report any of the following:

  • A resident death that is unanticipated, unrelated to the natural course of the resident's illness or underlying condition, or the result of an error
  • Full or partial evacuation of the facility for any reason
  • Fire
  • Suicide
  • A serious criminal act
  • Pending or actual strike action by its employees, and contingency plans for operation of the facility
  • A condition or illness that is
    1. believed to be part of a cluster or outbreak,
    2. believed to be unusual,
    3. related to food consumption or
    4. believed to be transmissible through food.
  • Any incident that seriously affected the health and safety of a resident or that caused serious physical injury to the resident.

Any of the above events is reportable if it occurred on premises covered by your facility's license.

Use the following definitions from 105 CMR § 300.020 for clarification on reportable illnesses:

  • Illness: An abnormal condition or functional impairment resulting from infection, metabolic abnormalities, physical or physiological injury or other cause, marked by subjective complaints and clinical signs.
  • Unusual Illness: An illness, by any indication, occurring for the first time or under rare circumstances, or an illness associated with signs and symptoms not otherwise expected to occur based on the known or presumed etiology of the illness.

DPH may circulate guidance that could add to, or elaborate upon, the list of serious incidents.

Reference: 105 CMR § 150.002(G)(1)(3)

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