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Emergency Medical Services
Reportable Incidents - EMS

Below are detailed descriptions of reportable adverse events, grouped by state or federal agency. Answer the question that appears beneath EACH description. When you're finished, click View Reporting Instructions to move to the next page.

DPH, Office of Emergency Medical Services

Serious Incident (EMS)

Incident that results in injury to a patient, not ordinarily expected as a result of the patient’s condition.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. A medication error resulting in injury.
  2. Failure to provide treatment in accordance with the Statewide Treatment Protocols resulting in injury.
  3. Medical, EMS system or communications failure, or equipment failure or user error resulting in injury or delay in response or treatment.
  4. Undue delay in response or treatment for any reason, resulting in injury.

In this context, DPH defines an injury as “harm that results in exacerbation, complication or other deterioration of a patient’s condition.”

Reference: 105 CMR § 170.350

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Vehicle Crash

A motor vehicle crash involving an EMS vehicle resulting in personal injury, death, or property damage above $1,000.00.

If the crash resulted in personal injury or death to a patient, make sure that you have clicked “yes” to the “Serious Incident" question, above.

References: 105 CMR § 170.350(A); M.G.L. c. 90, § 26.

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Fire or Theft

  • Fire affecting an EMS vehicle or the service’s place of business, or
  • Theft of an EMS vehicle.

A “service’s place of business” is the place of business of either an emergency first response (EFR) service or ambulance service, including headquarters, branch offices, garages, etc.

References: 105 CMR §§ 170.350(A), 170.020

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