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How to report to the Quality and Patient Safety Division of the Board of Registration in Medicine


Major incidents should be reported within 30 days of the end of the quarter in which the event occurred.

Complete and mail a safety and quality
review (SQR) form to the Quality and Patient Safety Division (QPSD) of the Board of Registration in Medicine.

If your internal review is not completed in time to meet the deadline, submit an initial SQR and include an estimated date of completion. When the review is completed, submit a follow-up SQR.

Semi-Annual & Annual Reports

If your facility is required to participate in a Patient Care Assessment Program (PCA), submit a semi-annual report every 6 months and an annual report each year to QPSD. These reports are required regardless of whether you report a major incident.

Annual reports include:

  • A summary analysis of patient complaints and their disposition;
  • The names of all full licensees who have terminated their relationship with the health care facility;
  • Any amendments to the Patient Care
  • Assessment Plan and any proposed amendments;
  • The number of major incident reports filed;
  • The written instructions for the Patient Care Assessment Plan; and
  • Summary information on the handling of impaired physicians.

Semi-annual reports include:

  • Major quality improvement initiatives undertaken during the reporting time period
  • Data on Focused Occurrence Reporting Criteria and Focused Occurrence Screening Criteria
  • Changes that are being made to address the structure and quality of the facility’s PCA program

For more details, review guidelines from QPSD.


  • QPSD encourages facilities to collect, analyze and report on “near miss” data.


Contact Info:

Quality and Patient Safety Division, Board of Registration in Medicine
200 Harvard Mill Square, Suite 330
Wakefield, MA 01880
Phone: (781) 876-8296
Fax: (781) 876-8384
QPSD Website

We hope these instructions helped you meet this reporting requirement. Be aware that this action may not fulfill all applicable reporting requirements associated with the event.

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