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Disciplinary action | physicians

Reporting to the Board of Registration in Medicine

Who must report:

Physicians licensed by the Board of Registration in Medicine.

What to report:

1. Health care facility privileges: Any restriction, termination, revocation, suspension or resignation of your health care facility privileges, based on 243 CMR § 1.03(5).

2. Dissolution/disassociation: For-cause dissolution of, or disassociation from, a professional corporation, partnership or other professional practice group if related, directly or indirectly, to:

    1. Your competence to practice medicine, or
    2. A complaint or allegation regarding any violation of law or regulation, or by-laws of a health care facility, medical staff, group practice, or professional medical association, whether or not the specific law, regulation or bylaw is specifically cited.
    3. Settlement by a self-insured physician. Any settlement or arbitration award for damages for death or personal injury, if:
      • it was related to alleged negligence, error or omission in practice, or an unauthorized rendering of professional services, and
      • if you do not have professional liability insurance at the time a malpractice action occurred.

    How to report:

    File a report with the Board’s Data Repository Unit within 30 days. Report any action on health care facility privileges within 30 days of the action, even if an appeal is pending.


    Board of Registration in Medicine
    Data Repository Unit
    200 Harvard Mill Square, Suite 330
    Wakefield, MA 01880
    Phone: (781) 876-8200
    Fax: 781-876-8380


    243 CMR §§ 2.14(4)(c),(e),(f)